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About us

For over two decades, has been dedicated to serving group house owners. In 2023, a dynamic new team stepped in, and we’re excited to introduce the driving forces behind our platform.

Meet the Team


Managing Director & Owner

Guiding us through the intricate world of online marketing, Michael's 15-year-long expertise and entrepreneurial successes have always been directed towards triumph. His mission: to craft a platform amplifying the visibility of group accommodations, ensuring owners receive increased inquiries.


Digital Platform Architect

Jay is the mastermind behind our digital platform's design and functionality. His expertise ensures that our platform is not only robust but also user-friendly, catering to the needs of group accommodation owners.


Digital Marketing Expert

Sabine is the guiding light in our digital journey. With her profound knowledge in online marketing, she ensures our platform shines brightly for group accommodations. Navigating the vast digital seas, she consistently anchors us to success.


Content Strategist

Max crafts compelling narratives for our platform. Through his creative content, he highlights the distinctiveness of each group accommodation. His words not only open doors but also inspire guests to create their own memories.


The challenge

For group accommodation owners, the primary goal is to fill their spaces with as many guests and groups as possible. However, establishing and maintaining a professional website can be daunting. The intricacies of search engine optimization and the costs of advertising can quickly add up. Relying on agencies might mean high fees, and personally managing advertising can be time-consuming. All these challenges divert attention and time from what matters most: the guests and the accommodation itself.

The solution is more than just a platform – it is your digital partner, helping you to attract the right guests with little effort. Through our extensive database and effective marketing, we reach a wide target group of group leaders looking for the perfect accommodation.

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How it works

Here's how new customer acquisition works:

1. Guest enquiry

Guests search for suitable accommodation, specifying the number of guests, location and dates.

2. Forwarding

We forward the enquiry, including the group's contact details, to the accommodation provider.

3. Direct contact

We will forward the request including the group's contact details to the group house manager.

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